Intelligentia Professional Academic Support

Graduation and Academic Success!!

Frustrated with difficult subjects and ineffective teachers?  Need to develop and sharpen those study habits for future success?  Advance and ideally learn to teach yourself successfully with very highly effective, directed, patient Professors with Ivy League credentials.  We help all students on all levels to dramatically turn around those low D's to A's.  All students develop, fine tune and strengthen highly competitive study habits, motivation and ambitious enthusiasm for successful, enjoyable learning!

​Intelligentia Professional Academic Support provides specialized professional, university, college level to high school level tutoring and instruction in nearly all subjects, not only standardized examinations.  Our College Professors provide the highest quality, nearly a magnitude more effective than other academic support companies.  We have dramatically established 98% success!  Students confidently develop targeted, directed problem solving techniques.  These learning methodologies are individually taylored to strengthen weaknesses, for more balanced comprehension.  Learning is a long-term process, involving the solid establishment of strategic problem solving and critical scientific thinking that confidently advances academic performance.

Our emphasis is primarily in the areas of all Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Technology, and Cybersecurity.

Individual and group instruction is arranged at local libraries, with a free introductory educational consultation.  We provide quality near a magnitude more to the tristate NJ, NY and CT regions.  Our rates are nearly 50% less than ineffective costly tutoring companies.

Join Now!  Do not fail another semester.  Do not drop another class.  Do not fail another standardized examination.  Confidently complete your diploma, advance to promotion!

Intelligentia Professional Academic Support
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